The American Outlaws Q&A

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"If elected, I’ll make sure that fans have a real and meaningful role at the Federation... I’ll work closely with the Fan Council. Our budgets, bylaws and policies will be stronger when we include their perspective. In addition, as part of my commitment to Serve the Athlete, Serve the Fans and Serve all Members, I’ll create a new Membership Department at Soccer House to make sure we’re listening to and working with all members—including fans—to grow the game at all levels." Q&A

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"If elected, I will make diversity and inclusion a priority across our Federation, including measuring our progress and holding ourselves accountable. Specifically, I will appoint a full-time, paid Director of Diversity & Inclusion to promote equality across all programs for all athletes at all levels, regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, socio-economic background or disability."

US Youth Soccer Q&A

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"Youth soccer is the foundation and future of soccer in America... If elected President, I will listen to you and we will be aligned so that the Federation complements your programs instead of competing with them.  I’ll ensure that you have a real voice in the Federation—a seat at the table—so that every decision that affects youth soccer is made with you."


"U.S. Soccer needs to change. In the short term, we need a new technical department run by general managers for our men's and women's programs -- akin to athletic directors at universities, reporting to the CEO of U.S. Soccer -- responsible for recruiting, selecting and managing all national team coaches, curriculum and player development at all levels. This way, soccer operations would be managed by soccer experts that we can hold accountable."